Thank you for thinking about making a donation to Easy Leagues.

As well as keeping Easy Leagues running, here is a quick breakdown of how some of your donations will be used :-

These figures are minimums and any funds not used will remain in a reserve fund.

Note :- while you are making your donation, you should be asked for some feedback. Please feel free to write whatever you like, but please first enter the club that you are making the donation from.

To make your donation, please click on this button :-

And remember - the amount you wish to donate is entirely up to you.

However, if you are a club and you feel that your 'Easy Leagues' system is of benefit and you would like to make a contribution, then the guide fee structure is :-

The idea of the above fee structure is that for small groups of players (like company ladders) the system will be free, as it also is for all schools/universities/colleges - or any club/group that does not charge any membership fee of their own.

For clubs that want to make a contribution (and can afford to), the intension is to keep the fee relatively small (to encourage a greater usage) and is currently less than 50 pence per player per year.

But please remember that this is just our guide price - you are welcome to make any contribution you feel is appropriate.

Of course we want more clubs to use the service, so we also have an incentive scheme (if you want to go by the guide price) :-

For each new club/group (fee paying or not) you introduce to 'Easy Leagues' (just drop us an email with the details) and that uses the system, we will give you a group of players for free - with no limits on how many referrals you can make.

So please pass the word around and let the other clubs in your area know about 'Easy Leagues'.

Thank you for using and supporting 'Easy Leagues'.

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