Easy Leagues is a FREE online web based service for any kind of sports club (squash, tennis, …) that run internal box leagues and/or ladders, for individual players.

EZ-Leagues has helped improve our club in several ways. It is now much easier for everybody to contact each other, since all the members contact details are stored on the site and password protected for security. Just click straight from the EZ-Leagues site to send an email and set up a match, it's foolproof. All the results for the current month and past month's leagues are easily accessible, so you can see how you're doing this month and how you fared in the past.
The club administrator's job has been transformed from several hours of collating and number crunching each month to a computer sorted league where the winners and losers are all automatically calculated and promoted/demoted for the fresh month's league. We're very happy we choose EZ-Leagues to help us run our club. They've been very helpful integrating the EZ-Leagues pages directly into our own club website.
Thoroughly recommended.
Kevin Wood, administrator and website designer for Henley Squash Club.
April 2009.

Easy Leagues will provide you with :-

The benefits of using Easy Leagues are :-

Easy Leagues has been developed by players (of squash) for our own club and it has been so well accepted that we decided to make it available to all.

Our intension is to make Easy Leagues available to all sports clubs and groups that use a league or ladder system - so whatever your sport or usage, please contact us to see if we can include you in our system. We will make every effort to adapt and tailor a system for you.

Note: if you run multiple sports within your club, it is best to create a club per sport within Easy Leagues.

Easy Leagues is an open and FREE service, and it will always stay that way for groups that do not themselves charge any membership fees to their members (eg. student or company groups).

Please see the 'Donate' page for more information.

If you would like to simply experiment with Easy Leagues, to see what the system has to offer and how easy it is to use, please visit the 'Demo Club' site (through the link at the top of the page) - where you can try, in full, all the facilities of the Easy Leagues service on the 'demo' club site and not worry about doing any harm to anyone.

If you have any problems, or just want to double-check that Easy Leagues can support the structures you require, please contact us by email: info@ez-leagues.co.uk    

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